The second stage of DeFi Ascension | by Nelson Crypto passive income | Coinmonks | Mar, 2023

Hello, my name is Nelson. Join me as we look at the 2nd stage of the DeFi Ascension.

Special partnership edition

The DeFi Ascension perpetual NFTs 1st trade cycle ended on Feb. 26th, with a total profit of 2562.95$ USDC, to be shared among 23 participants holding a total of 158 NFTs. This resulted in the first-ever payout of 16.22$ USDC per NFT.

1st cycle results

The 2nd cycle started on Feb. 27th, all remaining NFTs from the 1st 500 units batch were sold out, “full-house” set.
Will run from Feb. 27th to March 12th, with 55 participants holding a total of 500 NFTs, with the share for each NFT to be 0.20% of the profits.

2nd cycle current results

At the current moment I’m writing this post, the profits to date are 4812.52$ USDC, 9.63$ USDC per NFT. This represents an 87% increase over the previous cycle.

To answer the question everyone has been asking.
When will the second batch be available?”

THE 2ND BATCH OF NFTs WILL BE AVAILABLE ON Sunday, Mar. 12th at 19:00 UTC!

The price per NFT is set at 250$ USDT (polygon network) and capped at 500 units.
Now my question is? How long do you guys think will take to sell out this second edition?
“Due to recent events with the USDC coin, the purchase of the DeFi Ascension NFTs has been changed from USDC to USDT (poly network)”

DeFi Ascension perpetual NFTs is now an official partner with the Fortune Hunters Ecosystem.

To celebrate this, the 2nd batch will feature the FH logo along with the DeFi Ascended!

A portion of the funds raised with the sale of the NFTs will be invested in MOF, a ROI USDC farm with a 1% daily payout.
This will allow the DeFi Ascension to add another income source to their NFTs and help to ensure some dividends to be distributed on cycles where the markets are in a “sideways” trend, being a perfect complement to the existing trade revenue.
Fortune Hunters Ecosystem will also acquire 20 DeFi Ascension NFTs to hold in its treasury.

May this be the start of a strong and successful partnership between very like-minded people.

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