Self-Proclaimed Crypto King Kidnapped And Tortured For Ransom

Self-professed crypto “king” Aiden Pleterski’s scheme was supposed to make him a fortune. Instead, it led to an ordeal that lasted for days. 

Pleterski was kidnapped and beaten by his captors, who demanded a hefty ransom, according to new details released earlier this month, recently obtained by CTV News Toronto.

According to the Canadian news outlet, a report spanning nearly 750 pages provides extensive information regarding the December incident in which Pleterski was purportedly kidnapped from downtown Toronto. It also described how the 23-year-old was held captive for three days as he was driven around southern Ontario. 

Additionally, the report outlines the most recent developments in a lengthy investigation aimed at tracing the millions of dollars that were invested in cryptocurrency and foreign exchange with Pleterski prior to his bankruptcy filing.

Crypto King Swindles $41.5 Million

According to the report, Pleterski received $41.5 million from investors but only invested $670,000 of the total amount. The report further reveals that Pleterski spent approximately $16 million on vacations, luxury cars, and private jets. 

Aiden Pleterski. Image: (aiden_pletersik/Instagram)

The reported losses may be only a partial representation of the actual amount, as they exclude any cash or cryptocurrency received or transferred by Pleterski. Hence, the true extent of the losses could be close to twice the stated figure.

Lawyer Norman Groot has been hired by certain investors to seek restitution for their investments through civil lawsuits, and he suspects that the amount of $41.5 million may only be a fraction of the actual damages suffered.

The report also uncovers two properties in Ajax, Ontario and Burlington, Ont., which Pleterski allegedly purchased using investor funds. 

Aiden Pleterski. Image: (aiden_pletersik/Instagram)

Aiden Pleterski’s December Abduction

Rob Stelzer, the appointed bankruptcy trustee in the case, stated that in early December, Toronto police informed him that Pleterski had been abducted. Pleterski’s father informed the trustee that his son had been driven around and subjected to torture, and one of the individuals that Pleterski was allowed to contact during his captivity was his landlord. 

The landlord alleged during the court proceedings that a ransom of $3 million was demanded. After a few days, Pleterski was released, but he was told he needed to come up with the ransom money soon. 

Pleterski’s reasoning for the lost funds was that he lost investments when cryptocurrency crashed in the fall of 2021 but attempted to recoup people’s money. 

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Stelzer maintains, meanwhile, that there may be additional individuals who were victimized by Pleterski’s purported fraud but have not yet submitted their claims for compensation.

“They should reach out … and get the claim filed,” Stelzer said. “The only way they can participate in a dividend is by doing it.” 

Investors attempting to recover $25 million have emerged, however, according to bank records, Pleterski may have received over $41 million.

-Featured image from aiden_pletersik/Instagram

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