Mad Lads: What’s is the Madness of xNFTs? | by Paperhands | Coinmonks | Apr, 2023

What is an xNFT?

  • Simply put, xNFT’s remove the stereotype of collecting JPEGs and screenshotting, our stories, tokens, and communities alike.
  • Instead, each xNFT acts as its own portal to a universal decentralized app, a sector in the individual projects, APIs, and future of Web3.
  • In-app token swapping.
  • In-app user interface and messaging.
  • Cross-chain wallet recollective for all dAPPs.
  • Decline of hassle of Phantom and Metamask separation and competition altogether.
  • Anti-bot minting measures across all chains.
  • Easy access to all loan protocols, staked NFTs, listed NFTs, all chain token yields and accumulation, and in-house experiences in-app, to connect and establish a community fully built by web3 developers for traders (now I’ll stop getting rugged by Elon on CT 😂)

Who are the Mad Lads?

The Team

The Impact

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