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Breaking Resistance Levels

Bitcoin’s 4-Year Cycle

Potential Growth

MASK’s Performance in 2022

However, MASK’s fortunes changed dramatically in November 2022, when the token’s price appreciated an astonishing 440% in only five days. The volume also returned in force, and MASK has been in a volatile uptrend ever since, continuing to make higher lows and higher highs.

Looking Ahead: After reaching a new high a few days ago, MASK is more likely to drop in the short term. The most probable place where that drop will end is the 150 SMA, which currently acts as a mobile support and is priced around $3.30.

What are the Stochastics and MESA?

The Strategy

Buy Stochastics
• Chart period 1-Hour
• Fast-K Period 12
• Slow-K Period 3
• Slow-D Period 3
• Signal when value is less than or equal to 33
• Everything else stays as default.

Sell Stochastics
• Everything the same as the buy Stochastics, except:
• Signal when value is greater than or equal to 78

• Chart period 1-Hour
• OHLCV Value Close
• Fast Limit 0.1
• Slow Limit 0.08

This strategy brought total returns of 1,106.5%, which is significantly more than the 104% of the buy and hold for the same period. Another very positive aspect of the strategy is that the Max Drawdown was only 27%, which is a lot less than the buy and hold of 92%. Therefore the strategy is not only a lot more profitable than the buy and hold, but also a lot safer.

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